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Rebecca Thompson



Rebecca is excited to be joining the MOM&A team in 2023. She has been a Midwife in London since 2015 after graduating from the McMaster MEP.

As a Midwife, Rebecca enjoys being able to provide personalized care for each client by supporting their informed choice. She particularly loves being able to run into families in the community as their children grow.

Outside of Midwifery, Rebecca is an active person. She was a varsity rugby athlete and now unleashes her competitive spirit on the volleyball court. She can also be found outdoors hiking, camping, or in the garden and loves knitting gifts for her nieces and nephews.

Jennifer CM
Jennifer Clare-McCutcheon



Although raised in Hamilton, Jennifer Clare-McCutcheon has spent many years living in the London area.  Jenn graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Midwifery from McMaster University in 2011. Prior to attending McMaster, Jenn enrolled in the University of Western Ontario where she completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree with a Major in Rural Health, a French certificate and a certificate in Grief and Bereavement.


Jenn has been practicing in the London community since 2011.  She later became a co-founder and partner at Midwives of Middlesex and Area in 2015.

Jenn’s work related interests include infection prevention and control (IPAC), precepting midwifery students and mentoring New Registrants.

In her spare time, Jenn enjoys reading, learning American Sign Language (ASL), exploring genealogy and spending time with her two little girls, Audrey and Eloise.

Jenn was drawn to midwifery with a desire to provide clients with informed choice and a more personalized approach to care.


    Julie Serrador



    A founding partner of Midwives of Middlesex and Area, Julie has been practicing for 10 years providing care for 655 families and counting.  A highlight for Julie has been providing care to friends, since she get to see those little ones grow up. It is always special to have clients return to care to see their families grow. Julie has even had a few families where she has delivered all 3 of their babies.

    You can often catch Julie drinking tea in clinic but her favourite drink is a slushie or lime kool-aid. Julie loves swimming; the pool is her happy place. The perfect day is being in the water with her family (and a slushie).

    Sarah R
    Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 3.45.04 PM.png

    Sarah Redfearn



    Sarah is one of the founding partners of Midwives of Middlesex and Area. Spending time with clients and being a part of their journey is the part of midwifery care that she loves the most. It is an honour to share those experiences with clients and their families, and repeat clients are so special!


    Sarah enjoys working within our full scope and ongoing education. She has taken additional training and is able to offer IUD placements for clients. Sarah has been able to share her insights with out of hospital birth and obstetrical emergencies with MLEMS or as a guest speaker for the Fanshawe College Paramedic and Doula programmes for the past several years.


    Sarah is currently completing her MSc in Advanced Clinical Midwifery. Sarah is a College of Midwives of Ontario Peer and Practice Assessor, Neonatal Resuscitation Program Instructor, and Emergency Skills Instructor with the Association of Ontario Midwives.


    Outside of midwifery Sarah can be found hiking, working with the local Air Cadet Squadron, enjoying time with her family, or spending a bit of time flying as a passenger with her husband or one of their children as the pilot.


    Elleana Hoekstra



    Elle joined MOM&A in 2020 following the birth of her first daughter, Ruby.


    Elle has been practicing Midwifery for 13 years and has attended almost 700 births! She recently returned to MOM&A after her mat leave with her second daughter, Hazel.


    A little-known fact about Elle is that she was homeschooled until she was in high school.


    Elle is an outdoors enthusiast who can be found canoe tripping any chance she can get. She also enjoys playing the violin in her spare time.


    Her favourite midwifery moment was catching both of her best friends’ babies.


    You may catch Elle snacking on her favourites: Jalapeño Cheddar Doritos or Sour Patch Kids.

    Heather M

    Heather Morrison



    Heather joined MOM&A in 2021 after moving to London with her partner. Previously, she practiced in Edmonton and went to school for Midwifery at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Originally, Heather is from British Columbia.


    When not catching babies, you can find Heather outside on a hike, bike ride, dog walk or adventure! She also loves climbing and has even tried ice climbing. Heather will take any opportunity to travel and was most recently in Iceland.


    A little known fact about Heather is that she used to be a sea kayak guide!


    As a midwife, Heather takes pride in supporting and educating families throughout their pregnancy, labour and postpartum journey. She is passionate about providing inclusive, informed and safe care to all families.

    Katie F.

    Katie Fisher



    Katie joined the MOM&A team in 2020 after the birth of her second child. Katie has been a midwife for over 10 years and has enjoyed her time as the Head of the Midwifery department at LHSC. 

    A favourite midwifery moment was being honoured with catching her friends' babies. 

    A little unknown fact about Katie (or maybe it is well known) is that she rarely wears socks and can often be found in her Birks. As a coffee lover, nothing beats the first sip!

    Natalie T.

    Natalie Taylor



    Natalie joined Midwives of Middlesex and Area in December of 2020 and has been a practicing midwife since 2013. Natalie completed her midwifery degree at Laurentian University with a prior degree in Biology at Western University.

    Natalie’s favorite midwifery moments are when she gets to welcome back previous clients into care and witness the growth of their family.

    An unknown fact about Natalie is that she is an avid cross stitcher and loves gardening. She also likes trying new recipes though her favourite thing to make is her Baba’s perogy.

    Natalie is currently on maternity leave until October 2023. So instead of finding her at MOM&A you will likely bump into her and her girls at the library, family centre or the park!

    Desirée Ashmore



    Desirée joined Midwives of Middlesex and Area as an Administrator when we opened our doors in 2015. 

    Before working with MOM&A she was a Birth Doula and busy stay-at-home mom to her 3 kids, Rowan, Landon, and Tyne. Her love for midwifery started after the very supportive birth of her 2nd child.  Fun fact, our own Midwife Sarah attended the birth of her 3rd child. Try and find that picture at the office.  

    In her spare time, you will often find Desirée cheering her kids on at their various sporting events, and through the winter on the ski hill.  

    Desiree A
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