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Welcome, students!

Student Placements

MOM&A is a committed teaching practice who takes pride in our dedication to supporting the growth and development of the midwifery profession through mentoring students. 


The Midwifery Education Program involves various placements where students are given the opportunity for hands on, in-person skills training under the supervision of a registered midwife.


Welcoming students into your pregnancy and birth journey will enrich your experience and allow you to be a part of the growth of the midwifery profession. 


1st clinical placement: Normal Childbearing 

  • 18 week placement

  • Focus on clinical skills, assessment and care planning 

  • Beginning level for prenatal, birth & postpartum care for birth parent(s) and baby(ies)



Senior year courses include: Consultation and Complications, Maternal Newborn Pathology & Clerkship

  • 13 week placements

  • Advancing knowledge and developing confidence in clinical skills with focus on management, assessment and care planning with increasing independence

  • Managing pathology and emergencies with support 

Meet our current Midwifery students 

Hello! My name is Maryam Shaikh, and I am in my final year of the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University.


Pregnancy and birth have been a deep passion of mine since I was 14 years old, and I believe that my memories of when my youngest two brothers were born and my mother’s postpartum period, are what paved the road to this enthusiasm. Providing culturally and religiously appropriate care and advocating for others are few of my favourite parts of this job, and being tri-lingual in English, Arabic, and Urdu help me immensely to do so.


I am very excited to be working and learning with the midwives here at MOMA and I truly hope that I can embody this passion in the care I give to our clients and in my future practice.

In my spare time, I love to relax by spending time with family and friends, reading, trying new recipes, and spending time in nature. I’ve also recently re-found my absolute love for floral and elegant stickers and have started making my own collection of them.

I look forward to being part of your care team!

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