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Choice of Birth Place



We have a birth suite available at our clinic where you are welcome to give birth!

The suite is equipped with a large, comfortable tub which works great for water birth as well as for pain relief in labour.


We also have an exercise ball, a birth stool, ambient lighting and a comfortable bed available for use.

The clinic birth suite is an excellent option for those who prefer to have an out of hospital birth but feel that their home is not suitable for that plan: especially our clients with older children, many pets, who live a significant distance from hospital, or those who would just prefer to birth somewhere other than their home.


We have all of the same resources available to us at the clinic birth suite that we would bring with us to a home birth including: medications to treat excessive bleeding postpartum and those to aid in newborn resuscitation, as well as all the equipment required to treat the most common obstetrical emergencies.


Our Clinic Birthing Suite





Unique to midwifery care, you have the option of planning a home birth with your midwives. 

This is an option we can discuss throughout your pregnancy and the decision can be made at any time, including during labour.


Current research shows that even just the act of planning a home birth is associated with fewer interventions and better outcomes. It also demonstrates that when you are a low risk healthy person, planning a home birth versus a hospital birth, shows no difference in adverse outcomes to either the birthing person or the baby.

Your midwives carry all of their home birth equipment with them in their vehicles and will set up everything they need to manage the most common obstetrical emergencies at your home.


In conversations with your midwife, when you decide that a home birth is the best option for you, your midwives will provide you with a home birth supply list so that you can gather some useful items before the birth of your baby.

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We have privileges at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Victoria campus and Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital. LHSC is a level 3 hospital which means there is 24/7 access to epidural pain relief and C-section capabilities if required. Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital is a Level 1 hospital with Nitrous oxide and epidural analgesia available. 


Even if you plan a hospital birth, when you are under the care of midwives you may have the option of early discharge which allows you to leave the hospital prior to 24hrs postpartum.

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